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We believe in holistic self-care and the importance of moving regularly, feeling good and maintaining a positive outlook. Here we provide complimentary mind, body and soul content to help boost your energy and positivity levels. Explore healthy recipes, fitness training, spiritual wellbeing exercises and more.

Healthy Eating

Salmon Bowl Recipe
H&P Collective

Salmon Bowl Recipe

Good food = good vibes! Have a crack at this salmon bowl recipe today.

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Overnight Oats Recipe
H&P Collective

Overnight Oats Recipe

Start your day right with this overnight
oats recipe.

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PEXA Recipe Book

#BetterTogether Recipe Book

Our PEXArians are avid cooks – check out
some recipes from the team.

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Let’s Get Physical

RP Performance Workout Video
RP Performance

Workout Video

Dive into Robbie’s HIIT session and work up
a sweat!

Mellöbarre Stretch and Reset

Stretch and Reset

Loosen up with a quick 10 minute stretch session from Mellöbarre.

Mind & Soul

Mellöbarre's guided meditation

Guided Meditation

Relax and recharge with Mellöbarre’s five minute guided meditation.

The Resilience Project R U OK? Day
The Resilience Project

R U OK? Day

Hugh van Cuylenberg, co-founder of The Resilience Project, provides his expert insights on wellbeing.